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About Golgulsa

Sunmudo Headquarters, Golgulsa



The headquarters of Sunmudo, Golgul temple

Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea 101-5, Girim-ro, Munmudaewang-myeon

TEL :  82-54-744-1689 , 775-1689  |  FAX  : 82-54-746-0171  |  E-mail :

There is Andong Samgeori(three way intersection), the driveway of Golgulsa temple and Kirimsa temple, located 26km away from Gampo of the East sea, along Route 1 from Gyeongju city.

Following the road sign, turning to the left and walking 500m, and you will find Iljumun, the one pillar gate, right before a big stone with the name ‘Golgulsa’ on it.

​After passing the one pillar gate, Maeyeoraebul, the Buddha statue carved on the cliff and the stone cave temple located 700m away will welcome you with a gentle smile.

Within 20 minutes by car from Golgulsa temple, you can tour Kirimsa temple, Gameunsaji, Munmudaewangreung, Igyeondae, Janghangsaji, Seokguram.

By bus.    

Get on any of these buses at the bus stop ‘Gyeongju express bus terminal’: 100, 100-1, 150, 150-1 → Get off the bus at the bus stop ‘The entrance of Andong, Kirimsa, Golgulsa’ → 15 minutes walk to Golgulsa

By taxi.    

It takes 40 minutes by taxi from Gyeongju downtown

By car.    

Gyeongju I.C → Bomun Tourist Complex → to the direction of Gampo (40 minutes from Gyeongju downtown)

By airplane.   

It takes an hour from Ulsan airport by taxi


Get on any of these buses heading for Gyeongju downtown at the bus stop ‘Singyeongju station’ : 50, 51, 60, 61, 70, 700 and get off the bus at the bus stop ‘Gyeongju express bus terminal’ → Transfer to any of the buses: 100, 100-1, 150, 150-1→ Get off the bus at the bus stop ‘The entrance of Andong, Kirimsa, Golgulsa’ → 15 minutes walk to Golgulsa temple

※ Public transportation timetable and frequency depend on the local situation.

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